Charity Donations

Here at the Cruelty Free Beauty Shop we are active in supporting animal welfare charities. We donate $1 from every sale to our selected charity.

Currently we are supporting Devoted to Dachshunds Rescue. We feel this organisation is an appropriate fit for Cruelty Free Beauty Shop seeing our mascot is Trudy’s (owner) beloved Dachshund Oenomaus. We love Dachshunds!!

This campaign commences on January 1st 2018, and ends December 31st 2018.


Devoted to Dachshunds Rescue

Devoted to Dachshunds Rescue is a registered Australia charity devoted to rescuing and rehoming Dachshunds. They provide Vet Care, Specialist Care, Travel Costs, Food, Medication, Preventive Care, plus more. The charity is run by 2 dedicated Rescue and Rehoming Coindinators Rosalie James and Ricky Grierson.

You Can Donate Too

Organisations such as Devoted to Dachshunds Rescue are true asset to ensuring the well being of defenseless animals. You can donate to their cause by visiting their website.