About Us

It’s not often easy to find cruelty free products in a sea of cosmetics. And when you find a product that claims to be cruelty free, does it meet your cruelty free standards? Does the brand have a parent company that tests on animals? Are the brands suppliers’ also 100% cruelty free?

  • We ensure absolutely no ingredient or component of the end product has been tested on an animal.
  • We will not sell a brand whose ingredient supplier may be affilated with testing any ingredients they supply on animals.
  • We do not sell brands that are owned by a parent company that is affilated with animal testing.
  • We will not sell a brand that is sold in a country who’s law or regulations demand products are tested on an animal.

Here at the Cruelty Free Beauty Shop we envision a future where no animals are tested on for cosmetic use or production in any way. And, we believe it is vital to send the message to cosmetic companies that testing on animals is entirely unnecessary, by only supporting brands that do not test on animals. Join the movement! A range of Vegan, Organic and Natural products are also available.

We are truly blessed to have you shopping with us!

xx Trudy Pellicaan, Founder

What We Consider To Be Cruelty Free

Here at the Cruelty Free Beauty Shop we consider a brand/product to be cruelty free when:

  • The ingredients are not tested on an animal
  • The end product is not tested on an animal
  • The supplier does not test on animals (cosmetic or non-cosmetic testing)
  • The parent company does not test on animals
  • A 3rd party does not test ingredients or an end product on animals on the companies behalf
  • The product is not sold in a market where animal testing is required by local law or regulations

We understand that there is some variation of what one considers to be cruelty free. We consider a product to be cruelty free when NO animal was experimented on.

If you come across a company/brand/product on this website you feel does not meet this criteria please contact us so we can act accordingly.

In our shop we also offer a range of Vegan products. Vegan products do not contain any animal ingredients or animal by-products.