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Our Cruelty Free Promise

Distinguishing which brands and companies are cruelty free isn’t always easy. But when you shop with us you can rest assured that all the cruelty free beauty products you purchase from our website have not been tested on an animal.

No ingredients, nor the end product have been tested on an animal. None of the companies who supply the ingredients are affiliated with animal testing. The brands we stock do not belong to a parent company that is affiliated with animal testing. And, none of the brands sell their products in countries that require animal testing by law.

We contact each brand annually to check if the cruelty free status of their company has changed. Each year an authorised representative of the brand signs a Cruelty Free Questionnaire and/or Statement declaring their honesty.

Here at the Cruelty Free Beauty Shop we are active in supporting animal welfare charities. We donate $1 from every website sale to our selected charity.

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We stock a great range of cruelty free beauty products from some fantastic cruelty free beauty brands. Make sure you check out all the products we have to offer.